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Duration: One day (8 hours/day)

Requirements: anyone can take this seminar

Cost: $300 ($240 Students)

Continuing Education: R.Ac.s and T.C.M.P.s - 7.5 CEUs

                                                N.D.s - 7.5 CE credits Category A (pending)



COURSE DESCRIPTION:Observation of the tongue is one of the most reliable and important diagnostic tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), guiding a practitioner to the most essential aspects of the patient’s disharmony. It has also recently been examined under the critical lens of evidence-based medicine. This presentation offers a detailed review of the traditional basics of Tongue Diagnosis, but mostly concentrates on more advanced aspects of clinical observation for practitioners, including contemporary research evaluating its effectiveness and categorization of tongue patterns according to modern pathology. This seminar presents Tongue Diagnosis with a focus on practical application, drawing from the instructor's background in Western medicine and doctorate in TCM to clearly explain the practice in traditional and modern medical terms.


Emphasis is on the clinical application of tongue for internal medicine ("zangfu diagnosis") especially, highlighting its strengths and identifying its limitations, taking into consideration classical theory and recent scientific investigation.




The first portion of the seminar highlights many common patterns seen in practice, through break-down of complex, clinical examples into their basic constituent patterns and what those patterns signify:


  • Tongue-body color

  • Tongue-body shape

  • Tongue-body tone and movement

  • Tongue coating: significance as a mirror of the Stomach Qi and pathogenic factors


Lecture includes visual examples of tongue photo-documentation, as well as real-time observation of participants' tongues. Some discussion is also afforded regarding how to integrate Tongue Diagnosis with traditional Pulse-taking, the other contemporary pillar of TCM diagnosis. Topics include:


  • Anatomy of the tongue and how it is related to the body and internal organs

  • Examples of the relationship between the tongue and body/organ disorders

  • Tongue findings in emotional problems

  • Clinical significance of the topography of the tongue areas

  • Integration of Tongue and Pulse observations to evaluate health

  • Overview of evidence-based claims for Tongue and Pulse diagnosis


Successful graduates will be awarded a certificate in TCM Tongue Diagnosis: Clinical Applications.


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