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Requirements: must be a member of a College that is regulated to perform acupuncture (TCM, Chiropractor, RMT, Nurse, Physiotherapist, etc.), OR a student in one of those professions


Cost: $249 

Course Description: Auricular acupuncture is a powerful therapeutic technique, which can make a valuable contribution to a patient's treatment and recovery. This course aims to train proficient, confident, and considerate therapists who can offer auricular acupuncture as an integrated or stand-alone treatment.


The webinar consists of lecture and discussion. Explanations are given about the treatment protocols for different conditions, contra-indications and side effects, when to decline to treat someone, treatment outcomes, safe application, hygiene, and safe withdrawal and disposal of needles.


Discussion of current scientific research studies is encouraged among participants, including outcome reliability and possible mechanisms of how auricular acupuncture works. Relevant TCM theory and anatomy is also discussed and compared to the modern medical understanding of auricular acupuncture.


Course Highlights:

  • Basic TCM and acupuncture theory

  • Anatomy of the ear

  • History and general concepts of auricular therapy

  • Health and safety issues and precautions/ contraindications for auricular acupuncture

  • Basic pathology and treatment of several medical conditions (such as: Stress, insomnia, pain management, weight loss, GI issue, migraine)

  • Work book will be provided via Email.

Upon successful completion of webinar, participants will be awarded a certificate in Auricular Acupuncture.

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