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                  (Skin Diseases)


COURSE DESCRIPTION: For thousands of years, practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have known that the state of health of the skin is considered to be a reflection of the balance and function of the internal organs. Paymon teaches participants how to harmonize the internal organ systems, so their outward expression on the skin will improve cosmetic concerns such as melasma and vitiligo; treat common conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne; and address other dermatologic symptoms associated with various diseases.


Students new to TCM will appreciate Paymon's clear and simple explanations of traditional theory.  More advanced students and practitioners can take advantage of his significant experience and educational background, including his past medical experience to translate traditional ideas into modern concepts of treatment, and vice versa. Participants will also benefit from Paymon's research background, as he explains contemporary, evidence-based support for and against the effectiveness of TCM dermatologic therapies, and how to integrate them into effective clinical treatment.


Discussion of observation of signs/symptoms, diagnosis, and acupuncture prescriptions will be included in the lecture. Lecture as well as question and answer sections of the course will be part of the course.


  • History and philosophy of TCM dermatology

  • Organ relationships to the skin

  • Meridian theory and its effect over the dermis and epidermis

  • Acupuncture for cosmetic dermatologic concerns such as melasma and vitiligo

  • Acupuncture for common skin conditions such as eczema, acne, dry skin

  • Acupuncture for systemic, auto-immune and other diseases that affect the skin


Successful graduates will be awarded a certificate in TCM Dermatologic Acupuncture.

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