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Requirements: must be a member of a College that is regulated to perform acupuncture (TCM, Chiropractor, RMT, Nurse, Physiotherapist, etc.), OR a student in one of those professions

Cost: $199 

Course Description: In this course participants will learn different point categories and their applications, which can make a valuable contribution to a patient's treatment plan and provide better results.

The webinar consists of lecture and discussion. 

Explanations are given about different methods for different conditions.

Relevant TCM theory is also discussed in order to understand the application of this methods.


Course Highlights:

  • Basic TCM and acupuncture theory

  • The Balance Method

  • Xi- Cleft points

  • Luo Connecting points

  • Yuan-source points

  • Guest and Host points

  • Mu and Shu points

  • Triger point Acupuncture

  • Huatojiaji acupoints

  • Basic pathology and treatment of several medical conditions 

  • Work book will be provided via Email

Upon successful completion of webinar, participants will be awarded a certificate in Acupunctur point Selection

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