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Duration: One day (8 hours/day)

Requirements: anyone can take this seminar

Cost: $300 ($240 Students)

Continuing Education: R.Ac.s and T.C.M.P.s - 7.5 CEUs

                                                N.D.s - 7.5 CE credits Category A (pending)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Channel and Circuit Theory have been discussed in acupuncture training for thousands of years, but do not always receive as much emphasis in North American schools as organ pattern differentiation and individual point function. Learning how to make an accurate Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis, and then choosing the most effective acupuncture points, can remain challenging for practitioners even after completing their acupuncture studies.

In this seminar, we try to simplify TCM diagnosis and point selection by using Channel and Circuit Theory. Review of the anatomical locations and physiological functioning of the 12 regular channels and 8 extraordinary vessels will prepare participants to understand and appreciate how the channels can be grouped into broader meridian categories, and how these form circuits of energy, or qì.

The goal of this seminar is to provide a solid understanding of the basics of Channel and Circuit Theory as a lens through which to diagnose and treat both traditional and modern medical disease patterns.



  • Review basic TCM Channel Theory including the 12 regular channels, and 8 extraordinary vessels

  • Explain the relationships between the regular and extraordinary channels to the 6 meridians and 3 circuits

  • Differentiate the anatomical positions of the 3 circuits, and discuss their physiological function

  • Examine common medical conditions and how they relate to a TCM diagnosis via the 3 circuits

  • Explore effective point selection within each of the 3 circuits, especially how to combine the upper and lower channels on the upper and lower extremities

  • Discuss case studies to identify the channels and circuits involved, and how to arrive at diagnosis and point selection

Successful graduates will be awarded a certificate in Channels & Circuits: Meridian Theory Approaches to Medical Conditions

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